Sunday, 4 October 2009

I have been speaking with Scott at, an excellent initiative for the city.

Here's an update has sent me :

The Dundee Channel at is an internet based TV station which through the high speed internet can offer local people news and features about the local area on their PCs, laptops and iphones.

Though yet to prove itself commercially viable, it is based on business models in the US. The channel has a secret weapon in his line up many businesses (especially in the West End) contributed to a video project at the turn of the century (when the internet was still running on dial up) - so the channel actually has a 3600 hour library of video to begin with.

However the internet is not quite like TV. Viewers want specific information delivered in 3 to 10 minute clips and the average web browser has an attention span of only 2 minutes. Visitors are currently spending over 5 minutes on the site and the channel is aiming for the 20 minutes or more enjoyed by the likes of You Tube.

Aiming to become the number one digital portal for Dundee, the channel already attracts 2000 visits a day - 96% from the local area.

Finally, whlist the channel is being entrusted with the reputation of local companies it will obviously be judged on it's programme output and the channel is looking towards providing high quality output across its news and features to build local confidence in the brand.