Friday, December 19, 2014

Progress with superfast broadband coverage for part of the West End

In August, I highlighted that superfast fibre broadband coverage should finally reach the most westerly part of the West End Ward which is served – for both telephone and broadband - by the Invergowrie Exchange, which also serves Invergowrie itself and parts of the Carse of Gowrie.

This will benefit constituents in the areas around Clovis Duveau Drive, Millbay Gardens, Millbay Terrace and Clayhills Grove, for example.

I am pleased to say that Digital Scotland has now advised me that :

“Confirmation that some premises served by the Invergowrie exchange can now order service.   To check coverage for any specific address, use our interactive map     This information is updated on a weekly basis.”

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Electric vehicles' charging points in the West End

Back in October, I queried at the City Council's City Development Committee the proposed possible siting of an electric vehicle charging point on Perth Road, west of Shepherd's Loan, at the Sinderins junction - see right.

Yesterday, along with a representative of West End Community Council, I met with the council's Head of Transportation and the Sustainable Transport Team Leader on-site to discuss this.    

Although the principle of providing public electric vehicle charging points is a good one, my concern about this possible site was sight lines for vehicles emerging from Pinegrove.    I am pleased to say the City Council is not proceeding with this site.

We took a walk down Perth Road and into South Tay Street to look at other proposed sites, all of which appear to be fine.     There will also be parking spots for car club vehicles.    These initiatives are being done in such a way as to minimise any loss of general-use car parking.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Festive Cheer at Magdalen House! @WEndChristmas

There was festive cheer at West End care home Magdalen House today when bakery chain Greggs kindly donated a large box of Christmas Pies to the residents to wish them all a very Happy Christmas. 

The festive gift was part of Greggs' sponsorship of the recent West End Christmas Fortnight events and I had the pleasure of handing them into Magdalen House today – here’s a picture of some of the residents receiving the pies! 
We are very grateful to Greggs for this generous gesture for the folk at Magdalen House.

Meetings at Tullideph and Morven Terrace Sheltered Lounges

Following on from Monday's meeting with the tenants in the Corso Street/Abbotsford Street/Abbotsford Place area to discuss rent options for 2015/16, yesterday I had the pleasure of chairing meetings at the Tullideph and Morven Terrace Sheltered Lounges at which two members of staff from the Housing Department discussed with tenants the rent options for 2015/16.

We had very useful discussions on the rents issue, the sheltered housing charge and service and also other matters such as bin collections, grass maintenance and house energy efficiency/insulation.

Roseangle pillar box repaired

I recently advised that I had reported to Royal Mail the fact their postbox in Roseangle had been damaged by a vehicle - see right.

Royal Mail has now advised me :

"I can confirm that, after making enquiries with the Collection Planning Manager, the box has now been reinstalled.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention and I hope you'll be pleased with the outcome."

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Road to Multicellularity : A free talk in the Zoology Museum

From the Curator of Museum Services at the University of Dundee :

The Road to Multicellularity - Lifting the veil on the emergence of multicellular life forms

A free talk by Pauline Schapp
D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum, Carnelley Building, University of Dundee
Tonight :  Tuesday 16th December at 6pm

The appearance of multicellular organisms was a defining moment in evolution that gave rise to all the life forms that we see around us today. Multicellularity allows division of labour between cells and the construction of tissues and organs. However, multicellularity also requires novel mechanisms for communication between cells that allows them to function in a manner the benefits the whole organism. 

In this free public talk, Professor Schapp will discuss how the transition from uni- to multicellularity is likely to have occurred and give an example of how the mechanisms that single-celled organisms use to respond to environmental signals became adapted to control cell-type specialisation in their multicellular descendants. She will also show how research into fundamental questions in biology opens up new avenues to address problems related to human health.   

Pauline Schaap obtained a PhD in the natural sciences at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands in 1987 and was in 1988 appointed as Lecturer and later Senior Lecturer at the same University. She was appointed as Reader at the College of Life Sciences in the University of Dundee in 1999 and as Professor in 2003. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Society of Biology and a corresponding member of the Netherlands Royal Academy of Science.

We hope you can join us for this fascinating event. Refreshments will be served after the talk.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Busy Monday ...

A busy Monday started at Blackness Library where library staff, community councillors and I took part in drawing the winners of the shoppers' prize draw and children's window spotting competition as part of West End Christmas Fortnight - the full winners' list will be published in the next couple of days.   Photo below!
Jo, Alan and Ann from West End Community Council undertake the prize draw!
The day also included my taking part in today's Tay Road Bridge Board meeting, immediately followed by my chairing a residents' meeting at the Corso Street Sheltered Lounge for residents in the area.   The meeting was primarily to discuss with tenants the council's possible rents options for 2015/16 - two Housing Department representatives addressed the meeting - although we also had a very good discussion about sheltered housing and other issues.

After my two Monday surgeries at the West Park Centre and the Mitchell Street Centre, I took part in tonight's Development Management Committee, which considers planning applications.   In a discussion about the renewal of planning consent (originally granted in 2011) for Tay Rope Works, I sought assurances on a number of issues raised by objectors including avoiding HMO use, parking and boundary walling.     

I supported both Western Gateway planning applications that would provide high-quality new housing and local facilities.   One application was lost by 2 votes, the other approved with the Convener's casting vote.   

Oh, and we're still missing Kevin unfortunately ...

X7 hospital bus problems - a solution needed

Some weeks ago, I updated residents about the impending change to the Dundee-Perth 333 hospital bus service - now the X7.    

The new bus's timetable is an improvement on the 333 timetable but as my Perth councillor colleague Cllr Willie Wilson pointed out in the Courier last week, the type of bus being used, with hardly any downstairs seats, is a huge disappointment.

Here in Dundee, I have had many complaints, just as Willie has had from his Perth constituents.    As one of my own West End constituents pointed out :

"The new bus is no doubt top-of -the range if you are going Perth-Aberdeen, but not so suitable for anyone with mobility difficulties.    Two seats only behind the driver for people like myself (at 91) who find stairs difficult.  

Last week a young disabled girl at the South Street (Perth) bus stop said to me that if the two seats were occupied when the X7 came she would have to wait for the country bus to Dundee, taking an hour, as she was unable to climb stairs."   

I have had a fair bit of correspondence with Stagecoach, NHS Tayside's Chief Executive and Dundee City Council about this concern.     The Managing Director of Stagecoach East Scotland has written to me as follows :

"The service does not just serve the hospital and like any successful route it has a myriad of users and demands. The X7 element of the route has only been running for just over three years and the 48 seat vehicles were already proving to be too small at certain times of day, so the increase in size of coach was required. 

Depending where the constituents live, from Ninewells we have the Tayway 73 service running every 10 minutes in to to town, the 16A running every hour to Perth in one direction and to town in the other, as well as the hourly 77 service and the X42 - all of these are operated with low floor vehicles without steps in the front area of the vehicle. 

We will of course continue to monitor and review the performance of the service and the complaint levels."

I really do think an urgent rethink by Stagecoach is required.   The coach-style vehicle is simply not the appropriate sort of vehicle for a service that links hospitals.   

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Perth Road roadworks - an end in sight

Quite a few residents have queried the extended period that temporary traffic lights have been operating on Perth Road, just west of Windsor Street.

The City Council has now updated me as follows :

"The temporary traffic lights currently on Perth Road at Windsor Street belong to Scotland Gas Networks. 

SGN have been renewing the mains in several west end streets and this section of Perth Road is part of this project. The temp lights have been listed in our weekly road report since they were set up. 

The reason for the lack of site personnel is that work on the main is now complete. The track has been backfilled and the excavated concrete replaced by the contractor. 

Given the cold weather the curing time for the concrete takes longer. This is the resaon for the site being vacant. 

Once the concrete has cured sufficently the blacktop will be laid. I expect this to happen early next week and the lights be off by the middle of that week."

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Blog now also on Tumblr!

In addition to my Blogger blog at and my Wordpress blog at, the blog is now also on Tumblr - at

DRIVE Enterprises - an update on the bike hire project at the University of Dundee

As a trustee of the Dundee University Student Trading and Innovative Enterprise, branded as DRIVE Enterprises, I met yesterday with Bogdan Handrea, Project Manager, to get an update on the DRIVE bicycle hire project.   

The project has made a great job of creating a highly professional base at its offices at 75 Old Hawkhill (see photos above and below) and the project is going extremely well with a long-term strategy and new carbon reduction projects in the pipeline.

DRIVE is a great social enterprise that offers young entrepreneurial people from all over Dundee a place to meet like-minded individuals and brainstorm ideas, work on projects and start companies.   You can find out more about DRIVE here.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Dundee Food Train

I have mentioned the award winning Food Train in the past and this is a reminder about this great service that supports older people aged 65 or over to live independently in their own communities by delivering groceries to people who have difficulty doing their weekly food shopping.

Dundee City Council has contracted the Food Train Service to provide a grocery shopping delivery service to people in Dundee aged 65 and over who are having difficulty in managing their grocery shopping.

The  Food Train   further  supports older people to live independently at home  by  addressing some of the  difficulties older people face in getting their weekly grocery shopping. As a Social Enterprise, this preventative service  provides choice and flexibility to older people  and supports people gain employment by providing opportunities for volunteering in the community. 

For those older people with mobility difficulties, the Food Train  helps them  organise   their weekly groceries from the shops to their homes. There is a £3.00 delivery charge payable. Customers pay a £1.00 fee to join the Food Train.

For further information contact: Grant Simmons, Regional Manager, Food Train, Telephone 459202 - - Office D, Market Mews, Market Street, Dundee, DD3 1LA

Volunteers needed!

The Food train needs volunteers to deliver their grocery shopping and home delivery service to older people living  in the community. 

They need:


Further information from Kirsty or Grant at the above address.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Oakland Community Link Service

This service, at the Oakland Centre in the West End Ward,provides support to people over 65 years old, or have dementia to access services in their local community.

A trained and experienced support team can offer short term support to older people and people with dementia, who live independently in the community. 

Examples of the type of support are:

accessing community facilities or activities
independent travel
meeting new friends
building confidence
increasing wellbeing

The short term service is free, however there may be costs if a person requires ongoing support to use some other services or facilities.

Finding out more is easy. 
To arrange a visit and informal chat.
Phone:    435900 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Children's clothes recycling scheme

A Community Payback initiative involving the collection, cleaning and distribution of donated children's clothes is helping families in Dundee.

The scheme involves asking members of the public to donate good quality children's clothes which are not being used or which their own children have grown out of.

Clothes handed into the Criminal Justice Social Work office at Friarfield House, Barrack Street are washed, packaged and distributed to families who need particular types of clothes for young children.

Social workers  identify children who need this additional support and offenders sentenced to undertake work as part of a Community Payback Order wash and package the clothes using a new laundry area which they have developed within the Criminal Justice Social Work office at Friarfield House.

This excellent Community Payback initiative meets the needs many families in Dundee have for good quality children's clothes.   By undertaking  unpaid work, Community Payback offenders are making a positive contribution to supplying much needed clothes to families with young children.

It  provides much needed practical support for children and families who may be vulnerable in Dundee.

There is an opportunity for local businesses to donate unused items of children's clothing or become involved in partial sponsorship of this scheme.

Further information is available on 435001.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Women who went to War - special event later today

From the Curator of Museum Services at the University of Dundee :

The Women who went to War - tonight, Tuesday 9th December - 6pm
Gannochy Trust Lecture Theatre, School of Medicine, Ninewells Hospital

A free talk and film screening organised by the Tayside Medical History Museum about the Scottish Women’s Hospitals during the Great War, presented by Alan Cumming.

When war broke out in August 1914, people clamoured to do what they could to support the war effort. While men volunteered for the armed forces, women were eager to assist in other ways. The Scottish Women’s Hospitals were set up with two very specific aims: firstly, to help the war effort by providing medical assistance and secondly, and equally importantly, to promote the cause of women’s rights and by their involvement in the war, help win those rights.

Their original idea was to establish a hospital in Edinburgh to treat war wounded but this was quickly abandoned in favour of establishing hospitals in the field and close to the fighting to treat the injured. Ultimately, there were hospitals established in France, Macedonia, Greece, Corsica, Romania and Russia, but the majority of their work was in Serbia.

Amateur researcher Alan Cumming became fascinated by the story of these women, and recently featured in the STV documentary The Women who went to War presented by Kirsty Wark. In this special free event he will introduce a film about his own journeys to Serbia and France to research the Scottish Women’s Hospitals, and will tell the stories of some of the women from Dundee and Tayside who worked in them – including former University College, Dundee students Agnes Blackadder and Florence Inglis (who was the niece of Elsie Inglis, the prime mover behind the Scottish Women’s Hospitals). 

Free admission – all welcome.

Monday, December 08, 2014

City Council meetings

This afternoon, I attended a briefing on air quality in the city, organised in advance of a report on the subject to tonight's City Council Environment Committee on the subject.

I have long-campaigned for air quality improvements in Lochee Road, the area from the Polepark to Tullideph junctions being an air quality 'hot spot.'    The report before committee tonight shows some improvement in NOemissions but there is some way to go to reach acceptable targets.

I made the point that there should be traffic modelling undertaken to see if the complex junctions at Cleghorn Street/Dudhope Terrace/Lochee Road/Rankine Street could operate better.

Also at Environment Committee, I welcomed Phase 1 of works to restore steps within Balgay Cemetery [and improvements to drainage in the cemetery] and was assured the final phase would take place in 2015/16.

At Education Committee, I spoke in the discussion about the proposal to consult on the possible closure of Menzieshill High School and extension of Harris Academy's catchment area to include the current Menzieshill High catchment area within the City Council boundary.   I emphasised the need to listen to the views of parents, carers, pupils, staff and the wider community.   Sufficient capacity at the new Harris Academy campus is key as are assurances that all pupils in the catchment area get a place at Harris.

I am pleased to discuss the matter with constituents and can be contacted on 434985;

At City Development Committee, I sought and was given assurances that the poorly conditioned road to the Riverside Civic Amenity site (Wright Avenue) will be resurfaced in the near future.

Blackness Library Knitting Group

The Blackness Library knitting group started last month - details below - all welcome :

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Christmas Fundraising at Tesco Riverside!

With grateful thanks to Dundee 330 Round Table, at Tesco Riverside, a group of us from the Friends of Magdalen Green earlier today participated in a fundraising effort for the bandstand restoration.

... and many thanks also to the very generous Tesco Riverside customers!     Here's a few photos :

A great finale to West End Christmas Fortnight! @WEndChristmas

The final event of this year's West End Christmas Fortnight took place late yesterday afternoon at the Botanic Garden.

"A Walk in the Dark" was a great event for younger children and all had a great time!    Here's a short video and some photos from the event :
A welcome from the Gruffalo!
... and it was dark!
Meeting the Gruffalo afterwards!

Christmas Coffee Mornings ... @WEndChristmas

Yesterday, both the Harris Academy and the Pennycook/Sinderins Courts Sheltered Housing Christmas events took place.

Here's a couple of photos from Pennycook Court yesterday :
A large queue at the entrance!
Great selection of stalls!

Saturday, December 06, 2014

West End P6 football competition a great success @WEndChristmas

This morning's West End P6 football competition was a great success and congratulations go to Ancrum 'B' who won the final over St Joseph's.    Ancrum 'A' came third and Blackness 'A' fourth.

Congratulations also to Leon Spowart of Ancrum Road Primary School - winner of the "Best Player" trophy.

Many thanks go to Matt Miller who refereed the matches, Murray McDowall of Life Changing Choices who sponsored the trophies and staff at Victoria Park, Blackness, St Joseph's and Ancrum Road Primary Schools for their help and co-operation :

Here's a short video from the final and also some photographs :
Just before kick off for first match
Matches underway
Matt presents Leon with the Best Player trophy
Competition Winners - Ancrum 'B'

Bus shelters in the West End

Two bus shelter queries!    Firstly, a constituent contacted me as follows :

“The new bus shelter at Elliot Road. Why does it not  have sides as the majority of others do along Blackness Road. It is actually very drafty.”

The City Council's Sustainable Transport Team Leader advised by response :

"The pavement width at this location was too narrow to accommodate anything other than a minimal cantilever shelter.  'Sides' would have blocked the passage of people along the pavement.  Lack of space on the pavement is possibly the most common reason why we cannot relocate shelters more readily.   This one is actually a brand new bus shelter and has been positioned so it provides protection from the prevailing winds.  

There is currently no power supply to this location and this will be progressed with our colleagues in street lighting over the coming weeks.  I will ask my team to ensure that there is printed information provided within the shelter."

Another - unrelated - query was as follows :

“I would like to ask when the Perth Road bus stop sign opposite the Invercarse Hotel is to be reinstated. When new street lighting was put in the bus stop sign and information board vanished. The "BUS STOP" paintwork is still on the road and so far buses ( X5  and 16 ) have stopped to let me off but one driver this morning asked if the bus was meant to stop there as he did not usually do the route. It is a busy stop for people wanting the Invercarse, Botanic Gardens and of course local residents.”

On this query, the Sustainable Transport Team Leader advised :

"Your constituent's query has caused us to scratch our heads.

None of my team were aware that the bus stop pole was missing and having made a few calls the trail has gone cold.  We don't know how, why or when the pole was removed.   If you are able to ask your constituent how long they think the bus stop has been missing, I would be very interested to hear back from you.   My best guess is that it went missing following an unreported traffic accident.

We will get the pole replaced as soon as possible."

He has thereafter updated as follows :

"I have now been advised that there was a road traffic accident on 11 May 2014 and that lighting column and bus stop were knocked down at that time.

I will look into the reporting mechanisms to try and work out why it appears this was not passed to us (Sustainable Transport) at the time."

Friday, December 05, 2014

West Port Christmas Lights are on! @WEndChristmas

Many thanks to Emily and Daniel, who switched on the West Port's Christmas Tree Lights at teatime tonight!   Here's a couple of photos :
From left - Daniel, Emily and mum Sharon (of the Christmas Fortnight Committee!)
The West Port Christmas Lights are on!

Proposed crossing - Riverside Avenue

With two further pedestrian crossing recently installed on Riverside Drive (east of Barnetts Motors and also west of Tesco Riverside), constituents have asked if it is still the City Council's intention to provide one further west on Riverside Avenue at the Riverside Nature Park entrance.

I sought an assurance from the Head of Transportation and was advised :

"The intention remains to provide a traffic signal controlled pedestrian crossing. This will likely be funded in future years by Cycling Walking and Safer Streets and /or Sustrans grant.

A strategy of measures is being followed, namely speed limit change to 40mph crossings at Magdalen Green, Seabraes connection, Barnetts,  Harris‎ Academy, Access to Riverside Nature Park, the underpass at Invergowrie and traffic signal control at Swallow Roundabout will give access to / from routes into the Western Gateway villages. Thus ensuring maximised permeability in terms of access to and from Waterfront for the West end (removing the road /rail barriers) 

The road space realllocation is also part of the strategy. 

In terms of at,Riverside Nature Park, probably FY16/17 or FY 17/18. However if match funding  opportunities arise we may be able to deliver earlier."

Thursday, December 04, 2014

West End Social Event at the Vine

As part of West End Christmas Fortnight events, we had an extremely well-attended social event at the Vine last night for representatives of West End community groups, local churches and charities active in the local area.

Susan Keracher, Art Curator at The McManus, gave a very interesting talk on the paintings of the Vine collected by George Duncan, MP for Dundee from 1841 to 1857.

Many thanks to Susan for this, Peter Menzies, owner of the Vine, Sharon Dickie of the Christmas Fortnight team and Natalie Mackland, West End Communities Officer, for making it such an enjoyable evening for everyone.

Here's a couple of photos from last night's event :
Susan delivering her talk about the art of the Vine
Some of the audience

Friends of Magdalen Green Christmas Newsletter

The Friends of Magdalen Green Christmas Newsletter is now available.

Giving a review of 2014 activities and looking forward into 2015, the newsletter can be downloaded here.

The Friends' website can be accessed here.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Perth Road north pavement near Sinderins - an update

In October, I took part in a site visit with a constituent and a representative of the City Council's Roads Maintenance Partnership to the pavements north side of Perth Road near to Sinderins.  As I said at the time, the major problem with this stretch of footpath is that it is both heavily used, being in the Perth Road shopping area, but it has also been subject to repeated utility company repairs given the amount of servicing and cabling beneath.   

I have now had feedback from the City Engineer as follows :

"I can advise that this section of footway is not included for resurfacing in the current 3 year programme. 

This footway does receive high footfall and is located within a major shopping area which is taken into account when developing footway upgrading programmes, but when comparing its condition against other similar footways throughout the city, we must take into account that once the proposed repairs are completed this footway surfacing should provide many years of serviceable life.

The Roads Maintenance Partnership will arrange for repairs to a number of utility covers and few areas of sunken reinstatement with the nuphalt thermal patcher, this to be carried out within the next 28 days.

The next detailed footway inspection programme that will set the next 3 year programme of footway works is being carried out in 2015/16 and at this time its priority may change in relation to other footways within the City."

I have replied stating:

"I am pleased that repairs to a number of utility covers and few areas of sunken reinstatement with the nuphalt thermal patcher will be carried out but I do hope what when the resurfacing programme is reviewed, this area can be given greater priority.    The condition is generally poor and as you indicate it has high footfall."

Monday, December 01, 2014

A Walk Through the Overgate - Then and Now

The Glasite Hall
Keith Walker and Gillian Molloy are giving a talk on " A Walk Through the Overgate - Then and Now" as part of the Friends of Dundee City Archives' season of lunchtime lectures.

This is taking place on Thursday (4th December) at 1pm at the Glasite Hall at St. Andrew’s Church in King Street - more details here.

Having heard both Gillian and Keith speak at previous lectures, I have no doubt this will be a highly informative and interesting lecture.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hedgerow planting with Friends of Riverside Nature Park

This afternoon, I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in hedgerow planting at Riverside Nature Park, with a great team of well over 20 volunteers.

The Woodland Trust had kindly donated 450 native trees to Friends of Riverside Nature Park and we planted them to form a new hedge in the park.

Here's a couple of photos from this afternoon :
Alan Young and myself - team effort on digging and planting!
The hedgerow beginning to take shape!

Helping attract more Christmas shoppers to Dundee ...

I have called on Dundee City Council to consider having two free parking Saturdays in the City Centre’s council-owned car parks in the run-up to Christmas to boost the attractiveness of the city to the wider region for Christmas shopping.    I have also said the City Council should look for additional ways to help promote the city’s district shopping centres such as Perth Road, Broughty Ferry, Blackness Road, Nethergate/South Tay Street/West Port and Lochee in the run-up to Christmas.

I contacted the City Council’s Head of Transportation about the Saturday free parking suggestion and received the following response :

“This has been looked at in recent years and the fee for parking is not seen as the main attractor or disincentive, more so the availability of modern, safe and accessible facilities and the destination's attractiveness ie Dundee City Centre is a chosen destination for many people.”

While I agree that modern, safe and accessible parking facilities are vitally important, I think the council should be considering some limited free City Centre parking in the run-up to Christmas.  

Dundee is already an attractive place for out of town shoppers to do their Christmas shopping and some limited free parking would further help.   

Additionally the council should be doing more to help promote the great small businesses in district shopping centres like the West End, Broughty Ferry and Lochee.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

West End Christmas Fortnight Update

We're now half way through West End Christmas Fortnight and we've had a great first week!  Earlier today both the Friends of Blackness Christmas Fair took place at Blackness Primary School - see photo right - and the Morven Terrace/Ancrum Place Sheltered Housing had their coffee morning.   

Here's some of the events taking place during the final week of West End Christmas Fortnight :

Sunday 30th November – Introduction to Papermaking - workshop at Dundee Contemporary Arts - from 11am!    More information by calling DCA on 909900.

Sunday 30th November – Friends of Riverside Nature Park are organising a tree-planting event from 1pm at the nature park.

Monday 1st December – “Santa Clause Mask” -  Craft for children at Blackness Library from 3.30pm to 4.30pm!  (For children aged 5-11.   Booking essential and children under 7 should be supervised;  colouring sheets will be available for children under 5).

Monday 1st December – The Time2Give West End Timebank’s Creative Writing Group “What’s the Story” is holding a Christmas Social event at Roseangle Arts CafĂ© from 4pm to 5pm.    All welcome.

Wednesday 3rd December – West End Community Groups’ Social Event at the Vine!    With grateful thanks to the Vine for their help.   Now fully booked.

Friday 5th December – At 4.30pm, the West Port Christmas Lights are switched on – all local residents and businesses welcome.

Saturday 6th December - Primary 6 football competition at St Joseph’s Primary School at 10am – with thanks to Matt Miller and the schools for all their help with this.   P6 teams participating from all four of our local primary schools.   All parents and family members welcome to spectate.   Many thanks to Murray McDowell of Life Changing Choices for sponsoring this event.

Saturday 6th December – Pennycook Court and Sinderins Court Christmas Coffee Morning – at Pennycook Court from 10am to 12 noon.

Saturday 6th December – “A Walk in the Dark” – children’s event organised by the Friends of the University of Dundee Botanic Garden to explore the garden at night - from 4pm – further details available at  

Hillcrest Road - road repair promised

A constituent recently wrote to me in the following terms :

"I would like to report two potholes which have appeared in Hillcrest Road – this being the part of the road which was not resurfaced 2 years ago.  One is actually where the old and new surfaces join.  These require to be filled in before the winter weather makes them much worse."

I raised this matter with the council's Roads Maintenance Partnership and have been advised as follows :

"The Roads Maintenance Partnership inspector for the area has raised an order for these two potholes to be repaired with a timescale of 28 days or sooner."

Friday, November 28, 2014

Time2Give Autumn Newsletter

Time2Give, the West End's Timebank, has recently published its Autumn Newsletter - you can download it here.

And don't forget next Monday's Time2Give Social Event as part of West End Christmas Fortnight :

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A great @WEndChristmas night!

Tonight's West End Christmas Concert, Lights Switch On, Fireworks and Carnival was a great success with one of the largest turnouts of the 14 years we have run the event!

Many thanks to all local residents who attended and to all who participated - our local primary schools and Harris Academy, Rockdee, Rev Andrew Greaves and all at Dundee West Church, Richard Prest - the Evening Telegraph's Editor who switched on the Christmas Lights, Robin Carstairs for great fireworks display, Nisa Extra in Perth Road for the food and drinks stand and for selection box gifts for children, Mains of Fintry Pipe Band, PC Bob Forrester, Horne's Carnivals, Elan Electronics for all the audio visual and all on the West End Christmas Fortnight Committee.

Here's a video of the start of the concert, introduced by Andrew Greaves and Richard Prest and "Away in a Manger":
And some photographs :
Rob and Ann making up the Glo Specs for children at the concert!
Concert in full swing!
Mains of Fintry Pipe Band
Another superb fireworks display
Horne's Carnival ride
Great food and drink, courtesy of Nisa Extra!
On sparklers duty :  Above - PC Bob Forrester
Below - Peter Menzies