About Fraser

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I'm the LibDem councillor for Dundee's West End Ward (Ward 3).

I've been on the Council since 2001 and was first elected to represent the former Tay Bridges Ward in the eastern part of the West End.

I was re-elected there in 2003 with a large majority. In the 2007 elections in the new West End Ward, I topped the poll and was delighted to again represent the West End for the next four years - and have been re-elected twice more - in 2012 and 2017.

To keep in touch with the people of the area, I do a regular newsletter called FOCUS - now having reached its 106th edition at time of writing (December 2021).

Idea of the blog was really to take account of the fact that a lot happens in the area and only a limited amount of that can be reflected in the FOCUS or on my website reports.

When I set it up in March 2006, it was a bit of an experiment but loads of people have said it would be useful to get a very regular update on local issues.

It is extremely well read and I'll continue to regularly update everybody with the latest West End news.

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