Monday 31 July 2006

Latest West End news and other issues ...

Having spent much of the last week catching up on local issues and doing a huge load of e-mails and letters dictation over the past couple of days, I can genuinely say I am back on an even keel with constituents' issues and local matters, but what a job! That teaches you for having a holiday!

West End issues highlighted recently have included reports of more graffiti on utility boxes in particular but also on buildings - particularly hightlighted in Bankmill Road and Fleuchar Street; speeding concerns again in Magdalen Yard Road (following a minor accident at junction with Taylor's Lane whilst I was away - a constituent kindly contacted me about this) - I am again raising this issue with the Planning & Transportation Department - I have arranged for speed surveys to be carried out here in the past and its clear that there is a real issue here.

Also, chasing up Network Rail regarding their commitment to replace the unsightly blue boards in Riverside Approach. And ... still work required to be undertaken at Seabraes (such as graffiti removal)

Had a useful meeting with the Council Leader this morning; also spoke with the Depute Chief Executive (Finance) - in particular, I am keen to see the Council assist with the promotion of basic bank accounts for Dundee citizens currently without access to a bank account - the Council has met with its bank recently about this & I am keen we promote the matter in the months ahead. Additionally, with news that the Bank of Scotland & the Royal Bank have agreed to several hundred new free-to-use ATM machines across Scotland, aimed at communities where a free-to-use facility is not available, I am keen to see Dundee get a share of these machines. My colleague Cllr Helen Dick in Strathmartine Ward has already lent support to the campaign to get a free-to-use machine in Ardler (click on headline above for more information).

Thursday 27 July 2006

Back from Crete ...

OK, that's enough of the holiday photos! We had a really great holiday, despite my inability to pass an internet cafe without going in to check my e-mails. I know everyone moans about the way e-mail has invaded our lives but I must say its awfully handy to be able to deal with constituents' issues when you are at the other end of Europe.

That said, a lot to deal with on return. Had a very busy week catching up but pleased to learn that an issue that arose in the Roseangle area a couple of weeks ago (noisy rail activity in the middle of the night) appears now to be resolved.

Getting back on a "local issues even keel" and will do a longer post over the weekend covering some of the West End issues covered during July.

And me in Crete! Posted by Picasa

Janet having rather ordinary drink on holiday! Posted by Picasa

Thursday 6 July 2006

Some more photos!

My LibDem Council colleague (and sister in law!) Helen has sent a few photos she took at the Dundee LibDem party last Saturday so I've added them below!

Party in full swing! Posted by Picasa

Chris and Iqbal! Posted by Picasa

Willie, Loretta, Robin & me! Posted by Picasa

Hot weather!

Was in London Monday & Tuesday - very, very hot weather - especially when your tube train stops between stations packed with people. The Institute's Annual Reception was at the V&A on Monday night (pictures below!) and it was a really good night; a chance to meet many old friends.

Back Tuesday night and a lot of West End issues to deal with on return, including :
  • Bus shelters required at various West End locations
  • Complaints about rubbish lying in some streets
  • And ... rubbish dumped near to the Pennycook Lane Recycling Centre
  • Issue about a mice infestation in one street - got Environmental Health & Trading Standards to investigate
  • Overgrown leylandii
  • Controlled Entry problem at some flats
  • Promise by Waste Management Department to deal with rubbish dumped in Ford's Lane

My good friend Colin & colleagues from Sussex - really good evening! Posted by Picasa

London Reception at V&A - a very hot day! Posted by Picasa

Sunday 2 July 2006

Party time! ... and a few other local issues ...

Last night saw the annual Dundee Liberal Democrat Summer Party (see photos below!) A good time was had by all! The local party is in the best shape I have ever seen it and if you click the headline above, you can sort of see why. Rather good result in Bromley and our Dundee prospects for the Council and Scottish Parliament next May look bright.

Another couple of West End issues being tackled :

The state of the road in Kinloch Park (lack of drains, gets waterlogged & tarmac patchy); yet to be adopted by the City Council.

Concern from residents in Eton Street and Oxford Street about the unadopted footpaths - have raised with Planning & Transportation Department.

In London Monday & Tuesday on "day job" business, but, whilst there, have a meeting with Digital UK on Tuesday afternoon about digital terrestrial TV in the West End of Dundee (or lack of it!)

Getting darker ... ! Posted by Picasa

Babs, Chris, Michael, Iqbal & Claire! Posted by Picasa

Friends from neighbouring LibDem local parties - Cllr Willie Wilson (Perth), Cllr Loretta Mordi (Cupar) and Robin Waterston (St Andrews) Posted by Picasa

Dundee LibDem Party 2006! Posted by Picasa