Thursday, 29 October 2009

Beautiful morning in the West End ... and an update on Blackness Road

I was out and about visiting constituents this morning and as this view from the WL Gore site in Perth Road shows, it is a thoroughly beautiful morning!

With regard to last night's update about the traffic lights on Blackness Road, I spoke to the City Council first thing this morning and got assurances about getting the bus stop near Ashbank Road back in action this morning. Here's my subsequent exchange with Scottish Water today :


"I have had a lot of complaints that the lights removal should have coincided with the end of the works and although its good they have now gone, its perhaps something that can be better co-ordinated in the future as constituents were complaining about being kept at a red light for up to 4 minutes for no good reason. Also when the lights were removed, no-one thought about ensuring that the black bag over the bus stop (north side next to Morning Noon & Night) be removed to let the bus stop become operational again & buses were flying past it after the lights had gone. I asked DCC City Development to send someone out this morning to get that sorted so it should hopefully be OK by today but again it really should have been thought about when the works ended. Thanks again."


"Thank you for your comments. I appreciate how simple things can cause a great inconvenience to the local community. I have passed your comments to my colleague who will also discuss this with our contractor."