Monday, 19 October 2009

Nursery School proposal in Seafield Road

Back in 2000, before I was elected to the City Council, a planning application was approved to create a nursery school on the site of the derelict building at 33 Seafield Road.

The applicaton was not progressed at the time but remained valid due to some works within the five year validity period and now Taylor Brothers Limited is taking forward the planning consent.

Seafield Road is a narrow but busy road and many residents have expressed their concerns about traffic management arrangements, loss of trees and other issues.

Having discussed these concerns with residents, I met Graham Giblen from the company earlier today on-site to discuss their concerns. We discussed traffic management arrangements at length - I believe it is important that parents dropping off children do so, safely, off-street. We also discussed additional screening for adjacent residents.
I am pleased to discuss this further with residents at any time and can be contacted on 459378 or at