Thursday, 22 October 2009

Hawkhill crossing - good news

Further to my article earlier this week about pupil safety concerns crossing the Hawkhill by-pass due to the lack of a school crossing patroller (click on headline above to view or go to, I was pleased to have received assurances today from the City Council’s Director of Education that a temporary school crossing patroller will be in place from the start of next week, to assist Blackness Primary School pupils get safely to school.

Parents had expressed concern to me that, with the schools coming back after the autumn holiday this week, there is still no replacement crossing patroller at this extremely busy road and I am pleased that the department has recruited a temporary patroller from the start of next week. I have also been given assurances that a permanent replacement is being sought, which is vital, as it is totally unacceptable that there was no patroller being in place at such a busy crossing.

I have also received assurances that the City Council will be taking a proactive approach in its efforts to recruit new school crossing patrollers.