Friday, 23 October 2009

Two Friday updates

Update 1 : Replacement School Crossing Patroller for Blackness Primary School at Hawkhill - latest from Dundee City Council this afternoon :

"Good Afternoon Cllr Macpherson,

I am pleased to inform you that we have now been able to arrange for the above SCP to be manned with effect from lunch time on Tue 27 Oct. The individual concerned will be issued with his equipment/clothing on Tuesday morning and will receive the relevant training before taking up his post. I should point out that the new SCP has had previous experience as an SCP, which explains how we can have him in place within such a short space of time."

Update 2 : As I indicated earlier today, I had raised residents' concerns about slippy leaves on pavements at Abbotsford Place and Blackness Avenue. By lunchtime, I had received the following feedback from the Waste Management Department :

"Hi Fraser

I have arranged for these leaves to be swept up this morning.

The supervisor reports the job is now completed."

I bumped into one of the Abbotsford Place residents who had complained about the issue in Tesco Metro in the City Centre this afternoon as she was well impressed with the quality of clean-up and the speed of response. The Waste Management Department is extremely responsive, so very many thanks!