Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tackling graffiti

Tonight's "Evening Telegraph" had an excellent article about the graffiti menace in the city. Go to http://tinyurl.com/telegraffiti or click on the headline above to read the article.

As I made clear in the article, the City Council’s cleansing services manager had assured me that a short-life working group has been set up on a city-wide basis to look at ways of proactively tackling graffiti problems in Dundee - and an “anti-graffiti group” has also been established in the West End.

The West End group meets on Thursday and arises out of a discussion about the graffiti problem at the West End Local Community Planning Partnership. The group will look at all aspects of the problem, including community clean-ups, and it is great that West End residents are participating.

A positive note on this issue today. Following my request, the City Council's Rapid Response Team removed extensive graffiti on the rail bridge at Riverside Drive (just south of the Botanic Garden) - the photo (above right) shows the excellent result.