Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The 'pointless' traffic lights have gone - but the bus stop needs attention!

The ‘pointless’ traffic lights in Blackness Road were finally removed today but well after the roadworks caused by work to repair a burst water main had been completed on the road.

Following Scottish Water failing to remove them as promised by 5pm yesterday, I received complaints from residents last night about the situation - as the traffic lights remained there for no reason whatsoever.

I contacted Scottish Water’s Regional Community Manager first thing this morning and was promised the traffic lights removal was in hand and I made a visit to the road in the afternoon to check that the lights had been removed and indeed they finally were gone.

However, the much-used bus stop into town near the junction with Ashbank Road was still out of service and I have asked the City Council to ensure it is back in operation as soon as possible.

Whilst I am pleased the traffic lights are now gone and the road has returned to normal, it is disappointing that removing the traffic lights was not properly co-ordinated with the end of the water main works.