Sunday, 25 October 2009

Blackness Library book stock

A West End resident, who recently moved to Dundee, wrote to me recently about some of the book stock at Blackness Library :

"We are very happy to be in the area of the West End of Dundee, enjoying the extra cultural activities that the larger city offers. I thought I’d just drop you a line, however, to voice my observation regarding the books at Blackness Library. A great many of them, particularly the classics, look very tired.

Undoubtedly they have been well used in the past, but although wishing to borrow some, I decided against it because of their very dirty condition."

I wrote to the Head of Libraries, Information and Cultural Services at the City Council about this concern and have received a prompt and helpful response :

"Although we strive to ensure that our book stock is attractive and in good condition there are clearly always areas for improvement. I have had the condition of the classics section in Blackness checked and the feedback I have received is that some titles while still very popular with users would benefit from replacement, particularly since classics are reprinted frequently in a much more modern style designed to attract new readers to these titles.

I have asked the supervisor in Blackness to place an order for new copies."