Wednesday 25 August 2010

Safety outside local schools

I have raised parents' and residents' concerns about inappropriate parking at West End schools on various occasions in the past.

Following implementation of the
safer parking arrangements at St Joseph's Primary School last term (see right), this afternoon I met with the Head of Primary Education, the Head Teacher and our local community police officer, to discuss how well the new arrangements are working.

The results have been largely positive - there will always be some difficulties given the busy nature of Bellfield Street and the school's proximity to the junction with Hawkhill - but it is clear that the vast majority of drivers are observing the "don't park right outside the school" safety message.

At the start of the new term, both Ancrum Road Primary School and Blackness Primary School saw the "safer parking" arrangements implemented. This is to be greatly welcomed. The photo below is outside Blackness Primary School in Pennycook Lane.