Thursday, 26 August 2010

Thomson Street road closure - some issues raised

A couple of issues with the Thomson Street road closure that started earlier this week have been brought to my attention by residents :

* The length of the road closure - Residents have asked why the closure length is so long at any given time (about 100 metres) when not all of that length is being worked on. The City Council has advised me :

"The contractor is trying to balance the inconvenience to residents with completing work as swiftly as possible, hence barriering of the whole 100m sections to avoid any delay in moving parked cars or tracking down owners, some of which may not even be Thomson Street residents."

However, the council further advises that the contractor does appreciate the problems faced by residents and is pleased to speak with any resident further about the matter.

* Bins collection - The Waste Management Department has advised me as follows :

"We met with the contractors Morrison construction and Turriff construction and the following arrangements have been made.

The contractors have notified the residents to present their domestic waste bins and recycling bins as normal on the collection days. The contractor will move the bins half to the top of the street at the Perth Road and half to the bottom of the street at Magdalen Yard Road and after we empty the bins they will then return them to the front of the properties."