Saturday 7 August 2010

Swallow roundabout roadworks

At the end of last month, I reported the impending overnight roadworks at the Swallow/Landmark roundabout. These start tomorrow - Sunday 8th August - for 5 nights (from 7.30pm to 6.30am).

It now appears that there will be 'overlapping' roadworks resulting in overnight closure of the Tay Road Bridge - effectively Dundee's only other main road link to the south and I have had exchanges of correspondence with the City Council regarding the fact that both roads will be affected overnight on one night. I paste below an update from the City Council I received yesterday :

"Further to your discussions with the City Engineer, I would confirm the impact of the overnight (0100-0400) closures of the Tay Road Bridge for the sign gantry installation works and the overnight (1930-0630) lane closures on A90/A85 Swallow/Landmark roundabout for resurfacing of the roundabout next week had been co-ordinated in advance. We spoke to BEAR (S) this morning and BEAR (S) also believe that the overnight contra flow system at Swallow will have no impact on traffic flows.

Although the lane closures on the A90 are for the full week, the closure of the A85 Riverside Ave leg of the junction is for Wednesday & Thursday nights only. Thursday night/Friday morning (0100-0400) will be the time both the bridge and Riverside Avenue are closed.

As the traffic is lighter over night and there is an readily accessible alternative route via Coupar Angus Road as well as the Technology Park diversion route there are no traffic issues foreseen."