Wednesday 4 August 2010

Rosefield Place

Back in February, I reported that I had spoken with a number of the sheltered housing tenants at Blackness Court about the worn double yellow lines in Rosefield Place. As a result of the yellow markings being so worn, cars park on the pavement edge making it very difficult for elderly folk - especially those on motorised scooters - to get from their homes to the shops.

At that time, the City Council advised me it hoped to repaint them in the Spring, but this has not yet happened - in part because of the rather unusual situation of a world-wide shortage of one of the raw ingredients for the paint that is used for road lining. The Director of City Development has assured me, however, that the council has received shipments of materials in July.

With regard to Rosefield Place, I asked for a specific update from the City Council and have now been advised as follows :

" ...unfortunately due to budget constraints and more recently a shortage of raw materials, the work is still outstanding.

However, on a brighter note, (I am advised) that I will be allocated an extra £100k to spend on line refurbishment during the current financial year. This will clear my backlog of orders and I will be instructing Tayside Contracts to refurbish all outstanding work from financial year 2009/10 before they begin with orders from financial year 2010/11. Therefore, please be assured that the wait is almost over."