Monday 9 August 2010

Annfield Street

The following was recently brought to my attention :

"On the north kerb at Annfield Street , about half way between Peddie Street and Blackness Street there are two large holes. One is surrounded by a metal cage. It looks like someone has once done work on the gas supply but never refilled in the hole. Next to it is a 1/2 metre square hole in the tarmac about 8 inches deep. I can't tell why it has been dug out or by who. I placed a bin over it to stop people falling down the hole.”

I contacted Dundee City Council and have been given the following feedback :

"This excavation was not carried out by a utility but by a local company under a road opening permit.

Their agent has been contacted and they will ensure the company reinstates this timeously.

I visisted site and there is adaquate protection around the excavation so there is no danger to the public.

Also two furter bore-holes were taken at the locus within the last fortnight or so and these will also be properly reinstated."