Friday 13 August 2010

Swallow roundabout - update

Further to my update on 7th August on the Swallow roundabout roadworks, I have received the following update from the City Council late today :

"For your information, BEAR(S) have informed me today that A85 Riverside Avenue at Swallow roundabout re-opened early this morning by 2.30am (closure was planned for two nights) after successful completion of the overnight resurfacing works with no delays experienced through the short diversion route via the Technology Park. No delays were also experienced on the other 4 nights when the roundabout coped well with the contraflow system as predicted by BEAR and ourselves.

The essential works at Tay Road Bridge was also successfully completed after the 1am to 4pm full closures on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. The actual overlap with A85 Riverside Ave closure was about 1.5 hours."