Sunday 8 August 2010

Abbotsford Place & Corso Street - dropped kerbing

I recently wrote to the City Council as follows :

"An elderly sheltered tenant of Abbotsford Place has contacted me following a bad fall when she fell trying to negotiate the kerbing near her home (using a zimmer) to get to the sheltered lounge.

There seems to be a lack of any dropped kerbing in the street and I was wondering if this could be looked into.

Aa resident in Corso Street nearby has made a similar complaint – getting from Corso Street along to Annfield Street (across Peddie Street). For an area with sheltered housing the area seems to lack dropped kerbing."

I have received the following positive response from the City Development Department :

"This area is being included in this year's list of works for Dropped Kerb provision. ... tackling dropped kerbs on an area basis is more cost effective and this west end area will be ordered this financial year."