Monday 16 August 2010

Progress with the Scottish Housing Quality Standard

Earlier today, I attended a briefing for councillors by the Housing Department on progress towards the city meeting the Scottish Housing Quality Standard by 2015. This is in advance of a report going to committee next Monday.

There has been significant progress - for example, in the provision of bathrooms and kitchens - but there are some areas of concern.

I asked questions about the provision of controlled entry systems in blocks of flats - something that is a boon to residents in terms of safety and tackling anti-social behaviour. Progress with this is well short of target and in part this is where there is a mix of tenants and owner-occupiers in the block and the owner-occupiers' permission and contribution is required. Following the briefing, I have raised a question with the Depute Chief Executive (Support Services) in her role as the council's senior chief legal officer about this matter.

The report next Monday also proposes :

"Agree to the cessation of installation of showers from 2011/12 not approved by Social Work on medical grounds, and remit the Director of Housing to investigate alternative methods of providing showers where required."

I have concerns about this and have written to the Directors of Housing and Social Work seeking assurances.