Tuesday 8 June 2010

St Joseph's - parking update

Further to my news item last week about parking at St Joseph's Primary School, I have this morning received this from the City Council's Head of Primary Education :

"The working group responsible for the monitoring of the project met on Friday 4th June. They reported that awareness of the project in and around schools is very high. Leaflets have been distributed to parents in schools involved to date. In addition, two travel specialists have been hired to advise schools and parents about all aspects of safety/travel routes etc. around schools.

The travel specialists will visit St Joseph's RC Primary School this week to speak to parents and school management. They emphasised that parents need to accept responsbility and that this is a long term programme which will need time to bed in. We are still fairly early on in the scheme. All schools have to produce and implement their Travel Plan by the end of June."