Wednesday 30 June 2010

Weeds problem ...

I have expressed concern at the lack of weeds spraying on many roadways in the West End - see photo (right) from Blackness Road.

I raised the matter with the council’s City Engineer who advises that :

“Traditionally (Dundee Contract Services) always start in the east and head west with their routes planned that way. Three men are usually on the task starting around mid-May and taking eight to ten weeks to complete. All this is weather dependant.”

I have questioned the way in which the work is approached, given that it may be the end of July before some streets in the west of the City are attended to, by which time weeds are huge.

I have suggested to the City Engineer that there would be more merit in spraying streets where there is a known problem first – for example, many of the streets in the Blackness Road area urgently need attention, especially where the weeds are very overgrown in tree pits.