Sunday, 27 June 2010

Observer not observing accurately

Today's Observer makes wild allegations, claiming that half of Liberal Democrat voters are ready to defect.

Scratch beneath the surface and you find that it is based on private polling for the Ed Miliband Labour Leadership campaign and,
as Political Betting highlights, more Liberal Democrat voters are more likely to vote LibDem over the Coalition Government's budget proposals over Child Benefit, than are less likely to vote LibDem. The Observer chose only to highlight those less likely to vote Liberal Democrat, thus making their article nonsense.

Political Betting says :

"One of the great things about the polling transparency rules is that ... information is made available by the pollster even for privately commissioned surveys.

I wonder whether the Observer saw the detailed spread-sheets from the pollster or was the report based on what the Ed Miliband campaign told them?"

Political Betting asks :

Has the Observer been conned by the MiliEd campaign?

You bet it has.