Sunday, 10 June 2012

Perth Road pavement improvements

I have long campaigned, on behalf of local residents, for improvements to the pavements in Perth Road.   I was pleased that the south footway west of Step Row was resurfaced back in January but I have also long highlighted the footway east of Step Row.

I was therefore pleased to be updated recently from the City Council as follows:

"Resurfacing of the south footway in Perth Road, between Thomson Street and Step Row, is programmed to commence on Tuesday 12th June for approximately 2 weeks.

All frontagers have been notified in writing, and the works discussed with the two businesses that front this section of footway.

We are taking the opportunity to address a parking issue at the same time by raising the kerb upstand outside No 224."

See plan below of the area of pavement being improved:

It is also good to know that the kerbing issues outside the flats at 224 Perth Road are also being addressed.   I have been assisting the residents at 224 over many months regarding the noise problems caused by cars parking right up on the pavement - often late at night.   Although their landlord Home Scotland has assisted with signage, the kerbing improvements the City Council agreed to at my request following a site visit last autumn will make a real difference to the quality of life for the tenants here.