Saturday, 9 June 2012

Busy Saturday ...

It has proved to be a busy Saturday, starting with giving the Bonnie Dundee team a hand with tidying the garden of Dundee West Church at the top end of Roseangle:
Trudy Cunningham and me in gardening mode at Dundee West Church this morning!
Thereafter, I attended the Blackness Primary School Jubilee Fete, which was hugely well-attended!   Here's a couple of photos from the fete:
The Fete stalls were really busy!
And yet again, Mr Ferrier, Head Teacher, was a good sport (and rather cold and wet!)
At lunchtime, I had the pleasure of addressing the Justice for Palestine Festival in the City Square - here's a couple of short videos from the event:
This afternoon, I had the pleasure of dropping in on the Tullideph Place Jubilee Party!   A good time had by all: