Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Community project nears completion

Last year, the Pennycook and Sinderins Court sheltered housing Residents' Association secured over £1000 of funding to get new seating in Pennycook Lane and have some environmental improvements too.

The Dighty Group built the new seating and Blackness Primary School's Head Teacher kindly agreed to the school pupils maintaining some planters, as they already do with the ones in the school grounds.

It has taken some time for the group to secure planters as the original source fell through, so many thanks to the City Council's Environment Department which has got the group some planters - now in place - see right - and is also providing plants and Discovery Compost (all of which the Residents' Association is funding).

We are organising a photocall later this month to 'officially open' the improved seating area.  It is really good to see this community project coming to such positive fruition.