Friday, 1 June 2012

Magdalen Artists at the Vine

The creative force behind the new exhibition of drawing and painting in the Vine is a group know as the Magdalen Artists. 

Consisting of five artists (pictured right), they return to the beautiful setting of the Vine to show their work in an exhibition aptly themed “Summertime”, to fit in with WestFest.

Having exhibited their work together on a previous occasion, in the Vine, the exhibition has an overall cohesion with its fusion of styles and subjects.   This is not to say that the artists work in a similar style but that the styles complement and interlace to create an impression of unity.   

To begin with, there are Pat Edgar’s semi abstract pieces with their imaginative use of texture and warm colours.    Liz McCarthy paintings bring a calm and relaxing feel to the exhibition with her use of soft tones and sensitive media handling. 

Fiona Moore’s work, which encompasses a variety of approaches from her hyper realistic pastel studies to her charming painted pieces. Pauline Murray, whose colourful and detailed work take in a range of subjects from the Orient to much closer to home. 

Finally, Jim Petrie, whose tremendous sense of colour, grabs the viewer's attention to his abstract compositions and playful subject matter. 

Overall, this is an exhibition which should not be missed.

The exhibition runs form Monday 11th June until Saturday 16th June 2012 in The Vine, 43, Magdalen Yard Road, Dundee.     Opening times are 2.00pm until 4.00pm.