Monday, 18 June 2012

Tonight's Development Management Committee

Earlier this evening, following my surgeries at the Mitchell Street Centre and at Harris Academy, I participated in the City Council's Development Management Committee at which :

* I spoke regarding the proposal for a supermarket in Hawkhill, strongly supporting the recommendation to refuse it, a recommendation unanimously agreed.   Having listened to both deputations and read the report on the application, it was clear to me that this application did not comply with planning policy.   As I indicated tonight, it is important that, in order to be able to vote at this committee in the interests of our constituents, councillors read the Director's report and listen to all the evidence before them before making a decision.   I believe the correct decision - to refuse this supermarket proposal - was taken tonight.

* I also sought assurances about ensuring that works for two new flats at Keiller Court take place only outwith university term time to avoid disruption to neighbouring tenants.

* I sought assurances about the colour proposed for the repainting of a public house in West Port, to ensure it is in keeping with the neighbouring properties.