Friday, 1 June 2012

Recycling in the West End - good news!

I recently mentioned that, at a meeting I had with the City Council's Environment Director about recycling in the West End, I raised the need to offer plastics recycling at Tesco Riverside and aluminium cans recycling at the Roseangle Car Park recycling facility - and was promised that this would be considered.

I have now had a very positive response from the department as follows:

"The site at Roseangle now has provision for both alu-cans & plastics (the alu-can container had been under repair).  We have also spoken to Tesco and they have agreed to placing two containers for plastics.  We have however had to reduce the number of glass containers, however we've adjusted the collection frequency to compensate.

We'll keep an eye on the site over the next few weeks."

This is a really good outcome as it improves the recycling opportunities in this part of the West End and I am hoping we will see further improvements in the months to come.