Monday, 11 June 2012

Riverside Drive - road condition

A West End constituent recently spoke with me expressing concern about the road condition on Riverside Drive just east of the junction with Riverside Approach, where the road appears to be suffering from a degree of subsidence.    

I contacted the City Engineer about this and he has responded as follows:

"The northbound section of Riverside Drive from the railway bridge to the Tesco roundabout has been identified for surfacing works for the last two years.   However, it has not been incorporated within the programme due to the proposed development of the Homebase site and servicing and access works which will impact on this section of carriageway.

As identified by your constituent, there is subsidence on this section of road mainly due to historical public utility works and associated reinstatement.    There are also some minor signs of subsidence in areas that have had no utility works and this is common for this section of carriageway and the volume of traffic that uses it.

The section of road is still formally inspected and any actionable defects or significant subsidence would be addressed appropriately."

Clearly, with the development work at the former Homebase site now underway, we will hopefully see the road  here fully improved in the future.   What is important is that this major route into the City Centre is in good condition, particularly given that it will be a key route to the V&A at Dundee when it opens.