Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Improvements on Blackness Road planned

Last June, the City Council sensibly decided to postpone road resurfacing works on the part of Blackness Road between Abbotsford Street and Blackness Fire Station.    It makes sense to undertake this work after all the disruption to the roadway around the new schools on the former Logie Secondary site has finished.

Constituents have asked when the work is now planned to happen so I asked the City Engineer for an update.   He has responded as follows:

"... the surfacing works were postponed until mid September 2012 to allow for utility connections to be made to the school development.  A road closure will be required to carry out these surfacing works which are proposed to last 6 days.

A letter drop will be carried out to notify frontagers of the proposed works."

A plan of the works area is given below:
Constituents at Blackness Court have also asked about extending the length of the “bleep” of the Green Man at the crossing near to the sheltered housing as it currently gives the pedestrian the impression that it is not safe to continue walking and this is particularly disconcerting for elderly residents.      

The Head of Transportation at Dundee City Council has responded as follows:

"This pedestrian crossing is planned to be refurbished, ahead of the new school opening, and the UTC team will include an extended 'beeps' stage during the daytime.  After 9pm the 'beeps' are truncated to minimise noise intrusion to neighbouring residents."