Sunday, 9 August 2009

Pavement condition complaints

I recently raised residents' complaints about the condition of the south side footpath on Perth Road - between Thomson Street & Step Row. I have had the following feedback from the City Council :

"The area inspector checked this section of footway on the south side of Perth Road between Thomson Street and Step Row and noted a small number of areas where the footway surface was in less than perfect condition however these areas are too shallow to fill with temporary material. In the short term he will continue to inspect this footway on a regular basis and monitor its condition. It has been provisionally included in a future (not this financial year) programme of improvement works although this is subject to change dependant on funding and its ranking in terms of deterioration compared with all other footways included in the annual inspection to assess condition."

I have written back saying "I am concerned that the pavement is being left and only being monitored at this time, particularly the usage by elderly people from the Paton’s Lane and Seafield Lane sheltered housing complexes" and pressing for assurances about resurfacing.

I have also received assurances about pavement repairs on Perth Road east of the Invercarse Hotel (north side) and have raised residents' complaints about pavement condition on parts of Seafield Road and on Blackness Road (north side around Rosefield Street and Rosefield Place).