Sunday, 23 August 2009

Proposed Riverside Nature Park - an update

I recently asked for a progress report from the City Council's City Development Department on the proposed Riverside Nature Park and use of the use of Vacant and Derelict Land fund monies to improve the site and hopefully lead to its public opening. I have received the following update :

"I can confirm that the nature park project is progressing well and we are still on track to achieve full spend by March 2011.

At present,
we are in the process of finalising the ecological design, which will inform the final land uses and the Leisure and Communities Department are currently preparing a management and maintenance plan, which will help clarify requirements and responsibilities for the different parts of the site.

Technical issues and agreements have still to be reached in relation to the former use as a landfill, although we are working with all stakeholders to ensure that the progress of the Nature Park will not be hindered.

As the project design advances there will be consultations with elected members, 'special interest groups' and the wider community and these initial consultations are in development."

I am pleased to see progress taking place. Many West End residents have long wished to see the site opened to the public, particularly given its stunning views across Invergowrie Bay and the River Tay. I will continue to keep a close eye on progress in this matter.