Monday, 4 March 2013

Getting things done ... Riverside Drive

I have recently been dealing with various constituents' concerns about issues in the Riverside Drive area as follows:

+ ROAD SAFETY NEAR THE RAIL BRIDGE :  In January, I mentioned the concern raised about road safety with respect to the 'crossover' that allows drivers to come down Riverside Approach then cross to carriageway to head west along Riverside Drive.   The response from the City Council indicated that closing the crossover was considered fairly recently following an accident that resulted in a bridge strike but was not progressed as "... there was not an ongoing incidence of vehicle collisions."

However, there has since been another collision - a fortnight ago - resulting in damage to the safety barrier - see right.

The City Engineer has since advised me ... "Just to confirm that this was passed on to the Roads Maintenance Partnership ... to programme repairs as appropriate."   However, given continuing constituent concerns about road safety here, I have again raised with the Head of Transportation the need to look again at traffic management at this location.

+ SPEED LIMIT CHANGE WEST OF TESCO :   The City Council is about to alter the speed limit from 50 mph to 40 mph.   Some weeks ago, the City Council's Head of Transportation advised me:

"I have been advised that some survey work has to be concluded to allow an order to be placed with Tayside Contracts for signage replacement.

The real key issue is to get a coordinated introduction date in agreement with Tayside Police and an appropriate press release.

I would hope that all works can be scheduled / dates agreed in the coming weeks and that weather and sign production allowing we implement in relatively short term. 

This may also be co-ordinated with the other speed limit changes across Dundee."

+ BLOCKED DRAINS ON SOUTH SIDE WALKWAY :   Following constituents raising concerns about blocked drains here, I raised this matter with the City Council's Road Maintenance Partnership and have since been advised:

"The drains on the walkway on Riverside Drive immediately adjacent to the sea wall and west of the Discovery, have been checked by the Road Maintenance Partnership inspector and he is to raise an order for them to be cleaned out as appropriate. This will be done as soon as resources are available."

+ PEDESTRIAN CROSSING EAST OF TESCO :   The "safe to cross" speaking unit on one side of the two-section crossing (see right) no longer operates and residents brought this to my attention.   The City Council has updated me as follows:

"Our traffic engineers have checked the crossing and had to call out the maintenance contractor and they have determined that the speaking unit is irreparable,  and it have now isolated the unit completely.  The speaking unit is no longer supplied and will not be replaced.

This should not be a cause for any concern for those with visual impairment as the site is the Puffin style of crossing facility which include rotating tactile cones for the visually / hearing impaired to utilise.  This is the national standard that has superseded the speaking units as tested in the 1990s."

+ ROAD SURFACE :  I have repeatedly raised the poor road surface on much of Riverside Drive.   Potholes I requested be filled in have been actioned, but I have asked the City Engineer that the road be considered for resurfacing in the roads maintenance scheme for 2013/14.    It is important that we do not have the "rocky road" to the V and A at Dundee and the city's wider Waterfront and I hope that real improvements to the Riverside Drive road surface can be undertaken over the coming months.