Thursday, 14 March 2013

New lower speed limit on Riverside Drive and Riverside Avenue becomes reality

LCD temporary signage on Riverside Avenue
highlighting new speed limit
I have today welcomed the new lower 40 mph limit along Riverside Drive and Riverside Avenue becoming reality late yesterday, with the last of the new speed limit signs being erected and the old 50 mph signs being taken down.

Due to the need to deploy staff onto winter maintenance tasks on Monday due to the inclement weather, the switch-over was about 24 hours behind schedule, but as of last night the whole stretch of road from Invergowrie to Tesco Riverside was now completely re-signed with the new limit, together with large LCD temporary signage (see right) to highlight the new lower speed limit.

Many residents have said that it would make sense for this part of Riverside Drive to have a lower speed limit.

Crucially, not only will it lower speeds, it will also allow for the possibility of future pedestrian crossings – for example at the playing fields and at Riverside Nature Park.   These would be a boon for pedestrians who currently have a real challenge trying to get across this very busy road.

The West End Community and Sports Hub has welcomed the speed limit reduction as a way of allowing a decent crossing at the Riverside Pavilion area which will allow a much safer crossing for people participating in sport on both sides of Riverside Drive.