Monday, 4 March 2013

Good news for Menzieshill Road

Back in 2007, I requested on behalf of residents that Menzieshill Road's pavements be included in the unadopted footways scheme for future adoption.

I am very pleased to say that the north side will now see its pavements upgraded and adopted very shortly.  The City Engineer recently advised me that the work would start on 22nd March but I have been updated by a Senior Engineer at the City Council late this afternoon as follows:

"I have taken the opportunity to commence the footway works in Menzieshill Road tomorrow, 5th March.

This has become possible as works ordered by another Council client which were programmed to start tomorrow, were cancelled today."

Although it is really good to see the work now going ahead, getting this work started has taken longer than expected to take place due to the need to improve some adjacent walls before work can go ahead.   

The south side is also on the list for future adoption - I have made the point to the council that this should happen as soon as possible.