Tuesday, 5 March 2013

WESHA committee meeting - and Riverside Drive speed limit good news

Later this evening, I took part in the latest WESHA committee meeting at the Vine in Magdalen Yard Road. WESHA - now known as the West End Community and Sports Hub - is making excellent progress in moving sport forward across the West End.

We had very positive reports on further progress with the improvements at the Riverside Sports Pavilion (pictured above) - new kitchen completed, new lighting - both internal and external, new toilets and basins are examples.

We also discussed progress with charitable status, lease negotiations and the football pitches at Riverside.   The committee welcomed the news I mentioned yesterday about the speed limit cut on Riverside Drive.   The City Council announced today that the new 40mph limit will apply from next Monday.    

Crucially, not only will it lower speeds, it will also allow for the possibility of future pedestrian crossings – for example at the playing fields and at Riverside Nature Park.   These would be a boon for pedestrians who currently have a real challenge trying to get across this very busy road and, as pointed out at WESHA tonight, a great step forward for sporting access to the playing fields on both sides of the road.