Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pentland Avenue wall - an update

I have recently been in touch with the City Engineer regarding concerns about a significant amount of water seepage from the retaining wall along Pentland Avenue, towards the Balgay Road end of the wall.   This has been raised with me by local residents and by representatives of Community Spirit Action Group.

The City Engineer has updated me as follows:

"As you will be aware weather-wise,  we have had higher than normal levels of rainfall.

This has led to ground saturation and less natural absorption and attenuation of rainfall. This has resulted in elevated ground water tables.

Our feeling is that it is these circumstances which has led to the seepage through the wall at Pentland Avenue.

We are not aware of this being a historical problem and this seepage could well cease during an extended period of dry weather.

As we will soon see warmer temperatures, there will be less risk of icing of the footway leading to safety concerns.

Therefore, I propose to monitor the site over the next few months before deciding whether or not any action is necessary."