Monday, 18 March 2013

Glamis Road - trees concern

Residents contacted me recently concerned at the recent removal of three well-established mature trees on Glamis Road.     

It is the case that the roots were having an adverse effect on the pavements, although it was disappointing to see the loss of mature trees in the street.   Last week, Tayside Contracts (on behalf of Dundee City Council) started to restore the pavements here - see right - although not meaning to create a Bansky in the process!

I asked the City Council - on behalf of residents - about replacement tree planting and have been advised as follows:

"There are no plans to plant replacement trees at this immediate location but there is to be a review of all the tree locations along the whole length of Glamis Road with suitable trees being planted at appropriate locations in the future. 

The Forestry Section has advised that this is likely to be done at some stage during next planting season ie. from November 2013 onwards.   There was no scope for including in the tail end of this planting season."