Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Alternative provision for Blackness Library during refurbishment welcomed

Construction of the accessible lift at
the library, currently underway
I have welcomed the decision by Leisure and Culture Dundee to provide alternative library provision during the period of over a month when Blackness Library will be closed during refurbishment that will include provision of an accessible lift to allow residents with mobility difficulties to access the upstairs meetings rooms for the first time.

The 29 week project has been structured in such a manner that, for most of the work, the library can remain open.    However, between 7th June and 11th July, the library will be closed and I pressed for alternative library provision for the West End during that period.

The Head of Library and Information Services at Leisure and Culture Dundee has now advised me:

“Leisure and Culture Dundee has accepted the offer of temporary accommodation for Blackness Library from Logie and St John’s (Cross) Parish Church for the period of time when the library will be closed due to the Capital Projects work currently underway.  

We will be able to provide a library service from the church with opening times which reflect those currently in operation.  At present the closure is scheduled for 7th June to 11th July, although this is subject to change.”

I am very pleased that alternative library provision is to be made available and it is good that it will be very close to the library in terms of location.