Friday, 1 March 2013

Harris Academy Parent Council

Last night, after my Thursday ward surgery at Blackness Primary School, I attended the Harris Academy Parent Council at which progress with the impending decant to the Rockwell site was discussed.

Mr Thewliss, Head Teacher, indicated that, during June, it is planned to show Harris Academy pupils round the facilities at Rockwell.   There will also be opportunities for parents and P7 pupils from feeder primary schools and their parents to view the decant facilities.

Harris Academy is making available for sale certain items of furniture etc from the current building that will not be required at either the decant Rockwell site or in the new Harris building opening in 2016.   Proceeds will be used towards a new school minibus.    Further details are available from the school office.   Would you believe that there's already interest in purchasing the door to the Head Teacher's office!