Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Riverside Drive at Riverside Approach

Riverside Drive at rail bridge
A West End constituent recently contacted me regarding his concerns about safety in respect of vehicles coming down Riverside Approach onto Riverside Drive then using the slip lane to cross the carriageway to head west along Riverside Drive.    He wrote:

"Has consideration ever been given to closing the crossover under the Tay Rail Bridge?  I consider it a junction waiting for an accident to happen, especially with vehicles crossing the eastbound carriageway of Riverside Drive from Riverside Approach and hoping to squeeze into a limited space.

For instance I was driving east on the offside lane one day when someone emerged from Riverside Approach to enter the reserved area beneath the bridge with a view to turning west.  In one sense the manoeuvre was conducted with time to spare but the other party failed to address the issue that there was already a car in the reserved area and I was presented with a vehicle sitting across my lane.  I just managed to stop in time."

I raised the matter with the City Council's Head of Transportation who advised:

"The closure of this crossover was considered in 2011/12 following the bridge strike and as part of the considerations for the traffic management changes that followed.  It was assessed that the closure of the crossover was unnecessary in design terms and that there was not an ongoing incidence of vehicle collisions.  Therefore the crossover was retained which allows continued route flexibility for road users.

I would add that the introduction of the 40mph speed limit along this section of Riverside Drive will assist vehicles and pedestrians crossing Riverside Drive."

I am advised that, having completed its consultation and legal process, the speed limit reduction planned for Riverside Drive west of Tesco is imminent and is likely to be in place in the next couple of months, but I would welcome the views of constituents about the specific issue raised by this constituent about the 'Riverside Approach to Riverside drive heading west' maneouvre - just e-mail any views to - many thanks.