Sunday, 6 January 2013

Impressive response from the City Council on safety concern

Earlier today, I received the following urgent concern from a constituent:

"I have just been out for a walk - along the cycle track and on to the DCA.  When I left the cycle track and crossed the road, heading for the back of the DCA, there is a huge cover missing from a manhole - the drop into the drain is so big that a child could fall through the gap."

This was a matter of real concern and I immediately contacted the City Engineer and Roads Maintenance Partnership about it.    Within a very short period, I received the following response:

"The Roads Duty Inspector inspected the site an hour or so ago.   He found a gully frame cover that had been dislodged leaving an opening so put back properly.   He could not find any other issues so hopefully that was it."

This was a most impressive rate of response to the credit of the City Council's City Engineer and the Roads Duty Inspector.