Thursday, 24 January 2013

Save weekly bin collections

I have criticised proposals by Dundee City Council’s SNP administration to switch from weekly to fortnight bin collections in the city.

The SNP fortnightly bin collection proposal will be deeply unpopular with residents and will without doubt lead to problems of refuse build up in streets and in back areas of flats.    The council administration does not seem to have grasped the point that Dundee has a high density of flats and tenement accommodation much of which has limited refuse storage space, so their proposal to move away from weekly bin collections is bound to lead to problems of build up of rubbish.

The council’s SNP environment convener mentions that councils across the UK have moved towards fortnightly collections but he seems to have missed the point that the move away from weekly collections has proved so unpopular that south of the border the Local Government Secretary is giving financial incentives to English councils to retain or switch back to weekly collections.   

The Dundee City Council proposal is flying in the face of all the evidence that fortnightly collections are unpopular and cause problems with accumulated refuse and environmental issues.