Saturday, 19 January 2013

Winter maintenance in the West End

The winter scene to the north of Blackness Road
With the snowfall yesterday and likely to be continuing over the weekend, it is important that roads and footpaths across the West End and right across Dundee are kept safe.

Yesterday, I was contacted by elderly residents in a number of parts of the West End, including Corso/Abbotsford and Pentland.   In the latter case, I received a very prompt reply from the City Council's Roads Maintenance Partnership as follows:

"I have been advised that a mini plough was sent to Pentland Avenue and Housing internal footpaths this morning to deal with these and surrounding area."

The City Council has advice on winter maintenance available at    If I can be of assistance to any West End constituent on winter maintenance matters, please call me on 459378 at any time or e-mail