Tuesday, 8 January 2013

West End Community Council meeting

Earlier this evening, I attended the latest West End Community Council meeting.   Well-attended, there was a very informative presentation by the City Council's Director of Environment on the role and challenges facing his department.

There was also a useful update by PC Frank Sturrock on policing issues which included a reminder about avoiding house break-ins and keeping an eye on your nearby community to avoid break-ins at neighbouring properties.

I was given the real pleasure tonight of making the presentation to Lydia Dorward, a stalwart of the Community Council throughout the 12 years I have attended West End Community Council meetings.   

Lydia is standing down as a community councillor after great service to the community council over many years.  She has not just contributed to West End Community Council  but, as I said tonight, does a huge amount of work for the church and in the local community.