Thursday, 10 January 2013

Vandalism of McGonagall's Walkway

I have slammed vandals who have damaged part of the stonework on McGonagall’s walkway on Riverside Drive.    The letter “G” in the word God in part of the inscription has been badly defaced - see right.

I have asked the City Council for necessary repairs to be carried out and also for the stonework to be cleaned, which badly needs done.

The City Council’s Director of City Development has informed me:

“The letter 'G' has been deliberately vandalised. This would be difficult to repair with resins or cements and would not look convincing or last.  A proper job would be to replace the slab and this is being investigated although I fear it will be costly.

In terms of cleaning, it is proposed that this is done in early spring.”

It is very disappointing to see this vandalism take place and I hope that the walkway can be both repaired and cleaned in the near future.