Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Getting things done ... Abbotsford Place

I have welcomed news that the City Council’s Street Lighting Partnership will review street lighting at Abbotsford Place, following concerns raised by me on behalf of sheltered housing constituents that the lighting in this street is significantly lower than on nearby Blackness Avenue.

A number of sheltered tenants in the Abbotsford Place have pointed out to me that the street lighting is at a lower brightness level than in nearby Blackness Avenue and the lighting Abbotsford Place appears quite dim in places.   Given that this is an area of sheltered housing with a large number of elderly people, I was anxious that the City Council’s Street Lighting Partnership reviews lighting levels in the street with a view to improving this.

The Street Lighting Partnership has responded:

“I have carried out a lighting calculation for Abbotsford Place and would say it is a lower end of the lighting class for the area. at present all funding has been allocated for street lighting improvement for this financial year. 

I have ongoing a rolling programme of electrical testing my intentions is to test these columns in the next financial year, assess the condition and carry out remedial works if necessary including up grading the lighting where required.

I will also check with our Roads Maintenance section and try to coordinate works in line with their footway works.”

I welcome the commitment to test lighting columns and upgrade where necessary in Abbotsford Place to ensure that the street lighting here is satisfactory.