Thursday, 24 January 2013

Getting things done ... Sinderins junction

Yesterday, I received constituent concerns about the length of lights sequence at the Sinderins junction.

The concern was that whilst vehicles sitting in Hawkhill going west into Perth Road have a long period of “green” and many vehicles get through on green, vehicles heading the same direction but leaving from Perth Road (shopping area) to continue along Perth Road get an inadequate time with only 4-5 cars getting through on green.   

The result was build ups along Perth Road eastwards into the shopping area.

I brought the matter to the attention of the City Council's Head of Transportation who advised me:

Lights being repaired at dusk yesterday
"Thank you for advising of local concerns over the operation of the traffic signals.

We are aware of this problem and there is an intermittent detector fault which is affecting the performance of the junction. 

The UTC team and the maintenance contractor are trying to isolate the fault and action a repair."

I was pleased to note late yesterday afternoon that the matter was being attended to on-site by engineers - see photograph (right).