Friday, 4 January 2013

Call for action by City Council as evidence published proving 20mph zones can cut casualties by 40%

With the new publication of evidence showing both support for and the positive benefits of Twenty’s Plenty 20 mph speed limits in highly residential areas:

A report in The Independent suggests that road casualties could be cut by 40% by the introduction of 20 mph limits in built-up areas.   

20 mph zones have strong support amongst voters according to a ComRes opinion poll.

I have, as reported in yesterday's Courier, called on Dundee City Council to take real action to explore the benefits in terms of pedestrian safety and implement Twenty’s Plenty zones in residential areas where there is support for this from local residents.

It is essential that each Dundee residential road is looked at, particularly on roads where there are a large number of children and where there could be a big benefit for road safety and improving the environment.    An opportunity should be taken to allow residents to bring forward proposals to the City Council.

This is an issue I have raised with the City Council on numerous occasions, following discussions with residents, and I have spoken with the Head of Transportation about the matter.    Although the city has 20 mph speed limits outside schools when school children are coming to/going from school, there is a paucity of "Twenty's Plenty" zones in residential areas in Dundee and I feel this should be addressed where there is resident demand for safer speed limits in areas of residential housing, children out playing and elderly residents.

I have also been in discussion with Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity who have campaigned for safer residential streets.

I have received many requests from constituents highlighting the need for slower traffic speeds in residential areas.     Residents in various streets in the West End area he represents have raised the matter with me, including at Clayhills Drive, Ashbank Road, Elm Street and River Crescent.

I spoke on Radio Tay News about the matter yesterday - click 'play' below to listen: