Saturday, 25 May 2013

Pentland Avenue wall - latest update

Back in March, I firstly raised with the City Engineer concerns about a significant amount of water seepage from the retaining wall along Pentland Avenue, towards the Balgay Road end of the wall.   This had been raised with me by local residents and by representatives of Community Spirit Action Group.

The council has been undertaking tests to get to the bottom of the issue and I have had another update from the Team Leader (Infrastructure) in the City Development Department as follows:

"To update you on the seepage issue, as you know we dye tested the drains to determine that these were not leaking.   

I had intended to get Scottish Water to test the water for chlorine to see if it was a leaking service pipe.   However, the seepage has (at least for the time being dried up such that there is no water to test.

This leads me to conclude that my initial assumption that the seepage is ground water due to raised water table after last year's persistent rainfall is probably correct.

I will monitor the situation and should the seepage re-occur I will get the water tested then and consider what further action may be required."